Getting Started as a Roku Miner:

1. Acquire a Roku Device (IE: stick ). Hook it up to a TV.

2. Add the BiblePay TV channel to your ROKU configuration:

3. If you have problems adding the channel, please see our thread.

4. Click into the TV channel (click on the BiblePay Logo)

5. From ROKU, click Add a New Miner. Write down the 8 character Miner Code.

6. From your PC, click here to add your new Roku Miner to the pool. Type in the 8 character Miner Code in this page.

7. Click on your account and populate the "Roku BBP Rewards Address". This is your wallet receive address for BiblePay where all mining rewards go to (even if you have multiple roku devices).

8. Now you can start watching the BiblePay TV channel, and you will be mining as you watch each minute of BBP video!

9. You can click on Roku Leaderboard to see who is leading in Sanctitude. The pool payments are paid once per day. The kitty is approx 1 Million in rewards per day, split by sanctitude. Your sanctitude is the sum of how many seconds you watch BiblePay TV per 24 hour period. See Sanctitude RAC (here) for more information on the calculation.

Getting Started as a RandomX Miner:

1. Download the XMRig Miner

Download the miner from here.

2. Configure the miner with your mining configuration:

Username:Your Monero Wallet Address
Password:Your BiblePay Wallet Address
Example:./xmrig -o --user=your_monero_address.your_worker_name --password=your_bbp_address
Note:your_worker_name is optional, but if provided it adds your cpu information per worker to xmrig.