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‣ Welcome to the Future of Orphan-Mining
‣ Orphan-Charity - Fulfilling James 1:27
‣ RandomX Mining with Dual Hash Rewards (BBP + XMR)
‣ User Friendly
‣ Partnering with the highest efficiency orphan charities

We are giving away an extra 16000 BBP per block split equally across participating miners who have more than 110 shares in the leaderboard (see Block Bonus).

Speed:2.97 MH/S
Charity Address:41s2xqGv4YLfs5MowbCwmmLgofywnhbazPEmL2jbnd7p73mtMH4XgvBbTxc6fj4jUcbxEqMFq7ANeUjktSiZYH3SCVw6uat
Contact E-Mail:rob@biblepay.org
Pool Fees XMR:10% (Orphan Charity) + 1% (minexmr.com)
Pool Fees BBP:0%
Block Bonus:16000 BBP Per Block
Build Version:1016
Startup Time:8/5/2020 7:42:39 PM
Job Count:1628
Worker Count:173
Total Shares (24 hours):198678
Total Invalid Shares (24 hours):0
Total Blocks Found (24 hours):25